• 19.12.2014

    Our sixth studio report is dedicated to the most elaborated process — a recording of horns and percussion.

    Besides some obvious difficulties with sounding and performance, we have had to manage a lot of organizational and logistic moments, finding space within our live schedule. Thank God, finally we’ve recorded both our percussionist Mills and the pack of for horns. Gotta move on up and record the vocal parts!

  • 16.09.2014

     Our fifth studio report introduces another guest in the studio — Vital from Synoptix band.

    Vital was invited to record some ‘vocal’ parts for the song called ‘Funkiest Situation’. While its lyrics were written in ‘human’ English, they were meant to be sung through a talkbox effector. The words were hard enough for singing through a flexible tube, but Vital had coped with the challenge at his best. Who would doubt this?

    The S.G.T.R.K Media Lab studio become our new recording spot but this time there was our man, keyboard player and sound producer Ruslan Tagirovto sit at the controls.

  • 12.09.2014

    The fourth studio report is dedicated to additional guitar parts.

    First of all, we come back to the petrifying solo played for track ‘Givit to Me’ by Vladimir Demyanov from the Blues Doctors band. We were deeply impressed to watch how his spontaneous ideas rapudly turned to the finished melody, explosive and still elaborate. Besides this, some tracks were equipped with acoustic guitar lines. For this task there was used the Taylor studio instrument.

  • 09.09.2014

    Our Our third studio report is about the recording of keyboards. According to some good traditions, the key parts for the new album were recorded at home studio of the band’s keyboard player and sound producer Ruslan Tagirov. Though this homey atmosphere could cause some laziness, the actual recording (incl. the amazing talkbox solo!) was made in a pretty short time – about a track a day!

  • 13.08.2014

    Last night our recording session was fueled up by Vladimir Demyanov – fine guitarist and leader of the great band Blues Doctors. After two hours of the excellent craftsmanship our disco blockbuster was upgraded with classical Zeppelin-esque solo burning up the whole stuff around!

    The work is in progress, the next phase is about the horns pack.