• 07.07.2016

    Funky Bizness Gang’s new album “Backbeat” is available now for downloading from Google Play store:

  • 04.07.2016

    Great news: our new album ‘Backbeat’ is available on iTunes now. You can support the band by purchasing the album via this link:

  • 30.06.2016


    Here’s the result of our studio work – an album called “Backbeat”. It is built around some new sound rooted down in classics but still freah and clean. You can listen and purchase it on our Bandcamp page. Enjoy!

  • 29.12.2015

    We are glad to re-introduce to you our dear friend and a long-time ally – Mr. Vadim Chikurov!

    Being FBG’s sax player for a long time, Vadim now is the band’s concert manager so if you are going to book Funky Bizness Gang, you know what to do. To interact with Vadim, check the Contacts page on our website.

  • 28.02.2015

    Meet our second album ‘Like a Supernova’!

    More than a year passed since the idea of this CD was born, and for this period both our music and we ourselves have changed dramatically. ‘Like a Supernova’ album became the result of several years labor, our dear child. It’s time to give a life to it, and we do it with pride and excitement.

    If you want to download and express your gratitude, visit our Bandcamp page
    (you are free to name your price, even zero dollars)